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Politico: 'A Roger Ailes Protégé Bares His Soul'

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Politico's Eliana Johnson broke the news Sunday morning: After six years of silence, JP Lindsley is revealing the story of his adventures as protégé to the late Roger Ailes. In an explosive story, Johnson reports that Roger Ailes forced conservative intellectual Bill Kristol out of Fox News because the latter refused to attack Lindsley. She also writes:

Ailes’ relationship with Lindsley was all the more extraordinary because the late Fox News chief didn’t cultivate protégés—he decapitated them. Since the founding of Fox News in 1996, several executives who had served a rung beneath him had found themselves suddenly exiled to the outer reaches of the network or fired outright. But Lindsley, four decades Ailes’ junior, was different. Ailes treated him like a son, laid out a promising path for his advancement, and, according to Lindsley, introduced him to people as “Ailes Jr.”

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