We're Tearing Ourselves Apart

One time I was having dinner with George HW, Barbara Bush and Roger Ailes. Sitting next to the former first lady, I didn’t know what to say so I made a snarky comment about something Barack Obama, then the President, had said. To my surprise, Mrs. Bush scolded me, saying "young man, you don’t know what it’s like to hold that office, so mind your comments.” This was an early wake-up call for me. Roger and I, not liking many of the president’s policies, would find any and every reason to denigrate him. The constant spite got out of control and it clouded our judgment. I see exactly the same attitude toward Trump now, spurred on by a breathless, preachy, frenzied media acting in the mold of Ailes's Fox News. This is tearing us apart. Everyone seems ready to pounce. You took money from Weinstein? Death! You shook hands with the president? Death! Latest example: the gossipy freak-out over Trump’s overheard, and most likely sincere call to a Gold Star widdow. I hope General John Kelly's bracing remarks here will encourage all of us, including President Trump and every other politician--most of whom are guilty of fostering the spite--to cut out the aspersion-casting. 

I am worn out from all this, from challenging the machine on the left and the right, from being on the run from the Newscorp nastiness, to witnessing venomous, paranoid conversations everywhere I go. Everyone is starting to act like crazy old Roger Ailes. Damnit. What are we doing to ourselves?

If you want to read stories from the vortex of the hate-spewing, won't you please consider pre-ordering my book, Fake News, True Story. I need a few hundred more orders to get this thing published. The media and the elites don't seem to like it, which inspires me further to publish this wild account of some screwed-up souls. 

But also watch this Kelly briefing: 

Joe Lindsley